and so it begins… again.

nablopomo, year 2.  i suppose the first day is easy.  we’ll talk about halloween!!  i took the girls to do errands and have lunch in their costumes.  they LOVED the attention, they were a big hit!

i told her to make a pirate face.  “ooh!  all the chocolate possibilities!”

“i think i’m vibrating from the sugar!”permanent princess grin


i had wanted matching pirate costumes, but how can you tell a 3 year old that she can’t be a princess when she sees that dress??!?  she’s trying to work it into her every-day wardrobe. 

we hit 6 whole houses last night (we only planned to do 2, but the weather was so nice, and it was still a little light outside!)  and the girls thought their bags were loaded!!  and they went through their loot in their very-different signature styles – beanie looked at and sorted it all, commented on several pieces, then said she couldn’t decide what to eat.  babycakes plowed through and said “open it!” to 3 or 4 before we shut her off.  i think if you asked them, halloween was a huge success!

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6 Comments on “and so it begins… again.”

  1. MandyJo Says:

    PRECIOUS! Now, those two I would have answered the door for!

  2. o-no Says:

    they look great!!!!!!and i can see beanie working that into her everyday wardrobe …if anyone can do it….. she can….
    beanie’s style of her halloween candy reminds me of YOU….

  3. how adorable! Savor the moments where 6 houses is a full load- I’m sure they’ll start pushing for the whole neighborhood one day!

  4. tiffaney Says:

    Your kids are FREAKIN ADORABLE. Such cute faces!

  5. Tia Says:

    They are so cute!!!! I would have given them handfuls of candy! Just adorable!

  6. Ev Says:

    Oh my gosh!! How cute are they???

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