toddler rave time!

so the electricity went out at 6:00 last night – just as it was getting dark…  just at the time where we “watch one show, then start getting ready for bed”.  wow, these girls are so regimented they mourned the loss of the “one show”.  i broke out the glow sticks and we had a little fun.

glow sticks... by you.

y’all?  it’s hard entertaining a 2 and a 3 year old in the dark til bedtime.

and once they were all tucked in, the power came back on, so i didn’t have to sit in the dark.  and that was awesome.


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One Comment on “toddler rave time!”

  1. man! Just imagine if you didn’t have those glow sticks! I’ll have to get some*just in case!

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