i’m exhausted from it all.

so here i am….  i got out this weekend.  for ALL of it.  it’s feast or famine around here really.  i’ll go weeks without much to do, then BAM, everything happens!  this weekend was the Creating Keepsakes Convention in hartford.  There were classes, a vendor fair, 2 big crops…and i volunteered to help for a large portion of it!  it was a fact finding mission for next year, to see if Scrap Can Do would be able to handle a booth next year (my answer is yes, Yes, YES!), and an opportunity to lose my mind and spend wads of cash on fun things.  that’s always fun.

i TA’d in a handful of classes, and my 2 faves were with Sarah (“The” Sarah) of Scenic Route and Kim from Rusty Pickle.  They were both so sweet and fun, i just wanted to be girlfriends with them both instantly.  alas, they’re both back on their side of the country now, doing what they do, and i’m left here missing them….  =)  i worked sunday at the store and made all kinds of crafty plans for the week.  i may never sleep again, i’m so full of ideas!

the girls had a great weekend with their daddy but they are exhausted today.  he’s a little (ok, a LOT) more lax on the napping and he runs those children ragged.  i think they’re happy i’m here today.  we’ll head to the library shortly, then we’ll be little reading homebodies the rest of the day!

i have more thoughts and stories from the weekend – the “creative swearing” ladies from utah do, the use of the completely WRONG adhesives by TOO MANY PEOPLE, and the misinformation that someone was passng out, but i kept my mouth shut because it wasn’t my place to say anything (but omg!!!  tacky tape, people!!!!)

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4 Comments on “i’m exhausted from it all.”

  1. Christy Says:

    OMG…can I just tell you…I have never SEEN so many “faux pas” in the scrapbooking world! All I can say is…GLUE DOTS & TACKY TAPE my friends!

    As for the CKC convention, I spent a great deal of time there myself (see my blog @ justscrappinhappy.blogspot.com) and yes, I agree…Scrap Can Do! will make its appearance there next year! Was such a fun weekend with my friend Queen Vanna! Woohoo! Get some rest my friend…we got’s some work to do!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    oh! OH! BUT!!! do not use glue dots as your regular method of affixing paper to paper!!! OMG!!! i don’t wanna sound like a scrapbooking snob, i’m tryin’ to help here… dear lord, let me help you!!!

    i sense an adhesive tutorial in our future here….

  3. Christy Says:

    yes…I didnt mean to suggest glue dots for paper…oh NO! glue dots are for emebllishments (please step away from the glue stick)…

  4. Wow Mama! Sounds like you’ve been living/working it up! I’ll take some of your energy to go! I just realized how much time I have left before Baby Hazel comes and I need to get my bum in gear for the holla days! Yikes- how you do it with two?! Amazes me

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