my world is very small…

so we took a family field trip to the grocery store tonight.  hunny returned $40 worth of cans that had been living in our garage, taking up very valuable winter car real estate while the girls and i shopped for the necessities – fresh fruit, milk, backyardigans and diego fruit snacks… (what are in those fruit snack things?!?  crack?!  heroin?!?  these girls very suddenly go NUTS at the mere thought of those chewy, fruity suckers…) 

at the checkout i turned in a couple of those darn silver coins that have been kicking around in my purse for years… and was handed back 2 more. *sigh*  the checkout lady let me know that we could use them for movie tickets.  a MOVIE?!  we have not seen a movie since “DaVinci Code”.  i was 6 months pregnant with babycakes at the time.  there’s not much i desire to see.  and there’s a lot of television to be watched.  like a million law and orders…  and OMG, put the kids to bed, we got DEXTER season 2 on DVD from amazon today!

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2 Comments on “my world is very small…”

  1. Yes, we ARE living parallel lives. Only we watched Dexter on channel 2 and now we’re jonesing for the next season ( but we’re to broke/lazy to buy it). And ahem, yes there are so many Laws & orders to adhere to- who has time to go to movies? besides us ladies have to get our craft on and we can do that during a tv stint- but not in a dark theater!

  2. o-no Says:

    *perk* fruit snacks????!!!!

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