you likie my shrinkies…

and my dinkies.  so it was very clear that i should do clothespins for the little black box. thank you for playing. 

BUT my stalker-readers, the quiet types just coming to browse tell a different story…

from the stats last wednesday (this is just for one day!):

wholesale shrinky dink” 2 More stats
how to use shrinky dink oven 1 More stats
christmas cactus blooming 1 More stats
shrinky dinks 1 More stats
inks that work on shrinky dinks 1 More stats
shrinky dink lessons 1 More stats
dunkin donuts hole punch

i can see that people are using me for my shrinky dinks.  i’m wondering if i should step up my dinking game…  i’m not sure how, but i’m just wondering….  and don’t even get me started on the latest in the dunkin donuts saga.  other than to say YOU DON’T PUT FRICKIN’ *CREAM* IN ICED TEA.  really.  (and what’s a dunkin donuts hole punch?!!?)

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One Comment on “you likie my shrinkies…”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I love your shrinkies! I might NEED some of them!!

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