the things ya find….

when you really clean your house…  i cleaned up my little photo studio in the living room in anticipation of beanie’s preschool teachers coming to visit today.  i found a whole tray of shrinky dinks (you didn’t think i gave up on them, did you?) – buttons, tiles, magnets….  so i put them on my list of works in progress.

it looks like i won’t be needed to teach scrapbooking at the parks and rec this go-’round, not enough sign ups.  in some ways i’m relieved, there really was no time for it.  if i had to do it, i would totally rock the parks and rec, but ya know…. yay, thursday nights at home now.

and i have to decide something – but i don’t wanna decide… so i’ll put it out here in blog-land and ask your opinion.  all 3 of you.  you decide, and i’ll blame you if it goes poorly.  or i’ll totally ignore you and say it was my idea from the get-go if it works out…  so here we go… 

i signed up to do the Little Black Box for November.  it’s a promo box that people buy and get tons and tons of sample-sized products.  last time i sent packs of 2 decoupaged clothespins.  when those ran out, i sent holiday mini vellum envelopes.

so the question is:  should i

A) do the same

B) shrinky dinks (and if so, buttons, scrapbook embellishements, magnets, or what?  

C) something completely different (and if so, what? and are you gonna come over here and help me with this crazy scheme of yours?!). 

if you were going to order a box of soaps and cards and tea and beads and earrings, what would you want from me me me?!

tell me what you want from me.

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5 Comments on “the things ya find….”

  1. Mandy Says:

    clothespins…your trademark…keep building that brand.

  2. Auntie Says:

    What do I want from the queen? Let me know which one you’re going have your items in. When I open my box, I will expect an origami dollhouse with a shrinky dink roof and all the accessories.

    Really? Clothespins.


  3. Emily Says:


    and/or Shrinky dink magnets. I love getting little magnets in things…and I think the shrinky dinks are super cute!

  4. o-no Says:

    clothespins… but a close second is shrinky dink magnets

  5. I too LOVE your clothespins- they ARE your trademark. However, if there is something equally cute that you have material for on hand and would like to start incorporating as your trademark- go for it! The shrinky dink buttons are adorble- maybe using those but do something seasonal- if it is going out in the Fall?
    I’m a Fall Ho- so maybe that last part you shouldn’t conider- I’m a sucker for all things Fallish.
    p.s. I bought the concord grape mary janes! I’ll let you know 🙂 ( haven’t told the hub yet lol)

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