i’ll get to it all eventually….

i am being ridiculous for even sitting here and typing.  i have so much to do.  i have stuff to do that people are waiting for.  i have stuff to do that *i* am waiting for.  my coffee is done brewing and it’s waiting for me!  there is a lot of waiting.   *gah!*

but for some reason today i am procrastinating (i’m not usually like that).  i can’t finish my last set of Scrap Can Do directions til i pick up the clothes in the spare bedroom.  and sort them out by size and season.  and i can’t get on a special order that HAS to be done for sunday til i fill a laundry basket full of old toys.  then hide it from the girls.  let me floss before i work on these clothespins for someone… 

i guess i know that the second i start something, the girls will be up.  (they are up, i hear them chattering in their room)  so here starts my day.  i hope to clear out some more toys while the girls are awake today, it is shocking just how much stuff there is.  and Scrap Can Do has to be done TONIGHT.  there’s no way around that one.  and the special orders….  maybe i’ll get to sleep one night next week…

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