my toaster oven deserves a vacation.

i just finished making 300 shrinky dinks for an order.  and 18 more for someone else.  and a dozen or so more for me.  i love doing big batches of things, i feel like i’ve accomplished so much!  and i might not be able to bend my fingers tomorrow, all that exacto-cutting and what not.  HARD WORK!  =D


i hand punched 216 of these flowers.  i only needed 180 for the order, but i figured that while i was at it, i might as well make some for etsy stock.  then i punched holes in them to make them buttons.  there’s only 214 at this point because i got a little crazy with the hole puncher.

with button holes 

then they got a swirl of black ink and a toast in the toaster oven.  have a look!

finished product 

 then just for fun, i made 120 of these:

120 mini frames 

i can safely say that i have mastered the time and temp of shrinky dinks.   now i’m looking for other fun colors and shapes and things to shrink!!!

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One Comment on “my toaster oven deserves a vacation.”

  1. Becca Nelson Says:

    These are so cool! Love these frames!

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