shrinky dink tutorial

shrinky dinks are the new black!  they are cool!  they are fun!!  the ones i make ROCK.  so please, let me show you.

cut, punch, tear, or in some way form the shapes you want.  Use some sort of PERMANENT ink for the design

step 1 by you.

pop ’em in the toaster oven and watch them FREAK OUTMy creation by you.

remove from oven

step 3 by you.

add embellishments (these will get little black embroidery floss knots through the holes), and they’ll be on etsy tomorrow!!  finished product by you.

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10 Comments on “shrinky dink tutorial”

  1. Great fun! I love watching them curl and uncurl. I ‘ve got some shrink plastic lying around here somewhere . . . .


  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    Adorable. Can you make those in houndstooth?

  3. Denise Says:

    That is so cute. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. o-no Says:

    what if you don’t have a toater oven?? and what do you set the toaster oven on….bagels???

  5. queenvanna Says:

    o-no, you’ve got jokes.

    you can use the regular oven, but it’s more work… if you’re gonna make more than a few, i’d say invest in a $cheapy$ toaster oven. =)

  6. beadybrooke Says:

    Yes, I’ve made some earrings out of shrinky dink. What’s funny is when young people would come by my booth, and I explain that they are made from shrinky dink, they just give me blank stares. Guess you gotta be in you late 20’s, 30’s or 40’s maybe???

  7. Leah Says:

    How cool!! You should make a video of them shrinking and put it on youtube!!

  8. I remember making my little pny and strawberry shortcake ones… oh I love this!

  9. Liz Says:

    What kind of inks do you use on your shrinky dinks? I know that the color can become “off” if you use certain inks, but yours look great, start to finish!

    also, do you have to use different inks to print on the white, non-rough sheets?


  10. queenvanna Says:

    i use a permanent ink for all types – the clear, the white and the rough ones… the rings i make will smear a little if i have particularly sweaty hands (another reason i don’t sell them), but otherwise, the ink pretty much stays put!

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