live on better connecticut, it’s US!

NOW! with the link to the segment!!:


oh, christy and i had a very large time…. but have you heard the thing about how you should pretend someone is always watching or listening?  well i need to take another lesson in that rule.  i was being fresh and talkin’ smack, and someone heard.  i *think* he knows i was joking, but i still felt like a fool!

ooh! - spt - 08/07/08 by you.

the segment went great, the crafts were fun and the host was funny as all get out (as usual).

and i came home, and the first thing i had to do was change a diaper.  all this glamour, i almost can’t stand it!

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3 Comments on “live on better connecticut, it’s US!”

  1. o-no Says:

    YOU fresh???? *gasp* nooooooooooo

  2. FrozenYoga Says:

    Whoo hoo! Congrats on the tv show! I feel like I’m partially living the glamorous life – I too changed a diaper this morning 🙂

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