so christy  was sending me links to pretty things on etsy last night.  sometimes we do that… “hey look at this!” “no, this is prettier!!” “buy me this!” and there was 1 itemKeepsake Quality Mini Pumpkin Chipborad photo/ scrapbook Album that i knew i just HAD to have.

BEHOLD!  it was made by ocbrandy , and i can’t stop looking at it.  the idea is great, the papers are beautiful…  *sigh*  so i went to bed with happy dreams last night of cool weather and pumpkins.

this morning i wake up with an email from hunny in my inbox:  don’t you make this stuff for a living??  -K

i do, sorta.  but i had to explain that even though he’s a computer programmer, he buys software from time to time, yes??  people that own restaurants buy meals at other restaurants once in a while….  and to me, this purchase is very much the same.  yes, i could’ve hunted down the product and made it myself, but someone else already had, and it was BEAUTIFUL, so why bother?  perhaps some would see buying from the “competition” as being in bad taste, but i don’t.  hopefully ocbrandy is happy to get the sale, and i’m happy to have a new pumpkin book!

later in the fall i’m gonna have to show you allllll my new fall decor!!  it is still only august, right?

p.s.  sort the font got so small… what happened??

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One Comment on “appreciation”

  1. I know I know- I hear similar things from my Hubbie. I actually don’t buy a lot on Etsy b/c I think Eh I could make that! But do I? Hardly- I don’t usually make much for myself- so sometimes we need little paper pumpkins & tiny pillows with witches on them- these little things make life more fun! Plus we’re supporting handmade! xo

    The pumpkin is really cute and yes it is ONLY August. I’ve started bringing out my fall fabric- and already feel behind!

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