no, thank YOU…

craft 365 - day ???

trying to get a jump on the enclosures that go in my etsy orders before the holidays….  they’re something i can make at the kitchen counter while the girls are eating or playing.  they (the cards) don’t need much attending to, and i can walk away at any point.  they’ll go in little vellum envelopes.  i’m going to see if i can get some colored vellum at a bulk price – i think they’d be extra special in a colored envelope!  =)

i’m also going to work to get my packaging in order – pre fold my boxes, put return address labels on EVERYTHING.  any little thing i can do to keep up – i’m planning on having a VERY busy holiday season!

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5 Comments on “no, thank YOU…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    Very nice! I think you need a houndstooth version of this.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Love the simplicity , adds class to the design!

  3. kim* Says:

    swell idea, i should start that too cause i am behind on updating as it is.

  4. Jessica Says:

    Good reminder!

    I need to streamline this part of my business too!

  5. Ann Says:

    Good idea!

    I need to actually make something for my shop before I can make the things that go into the package.

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