i’m so mad at you.

FIRST of all…. why didn’t anyone tell me i needed a flat iron?!?  how have i made it this far in my life without one?!?  oh, i know… with a lot of fighting and muttering and tears and cursing my genes.  and bad hair days.  too many.  why didn’t you tell me?!?!  it doesn’t matter what product i use.  it doesn’t matter if i let my hair dry too long.  i BURN IT INTO SUBMISSION.  and it looks great.  so that’s good.

and bobbie jo, you’re the only one excused in all this… you with your already-straight-hair-i-hate-you-a-little-for.  but if you knew and didn’t tell me….

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6 Comments on “i’m so mad at you.”

  1. Christy Says:

    hey…how come I didnt get excused???

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    She knew. She knows I spent almost all of my paycheck on a really good one several years ago. EXCELLENT investment.

  3. queenvanna Says:

    christy, you are NUMBER ONE WITH A BULLET on my list. big trouble, lady.

    mandy, i might go back for a better one shortly…

  4. o-no Says:

    i know nothing about any of that… as a matter of fact… when i showed the guy a pic of my hair a couple of yrs ago and wanted it cut like that now… he said… but you used a curling iron……. pppffftttttt NEVER owned one… and not only would i not know what to do with this so called flat iron… i do not even own a regular iron!!!!!!

  5. o-no Says:

    and where’s the pic of your result with the flat iron????

  6. Christy Says:

    I dont even have enuff hair to even know what that thing does…

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