home again, home again…

back from florida, had a great time….  our tricia is married, nickole and grisell make the BEST waffles, and andy can stand in line to hold my place like a CHAMP.  i’m glad to be back to my little life, but it was so NICE to not have to worry about anyone other than myself for nearly 4 days.

i nearly drown in a rainstorm, and later that day i was ATTACKED by a lizard while i was TOTALLY MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS.  i could’ve DIED, y’all!!  oi.  he may have been 4 inches long, but he was FAST, and he looked MEAN, and totally got on my hand without my permission.  and wouldn’t get off!!  i feel so violated.  if i catch ebola or something, it’s totally the lizard’s fault.  good thing i only had to worry about myself.

there’s a lot of blurry pics form the wedding, but some really great ones, too.tricia's wedding so happy!!

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