say something clever about july…

the first week in july is always a little crazy around here.  the calendar this year looks even a little more crazy than usual, and i’m going away in a couple of weeks…  there’s so much going on here in vanna-land, and it’s all good.  the only bad part is that there’s not enough time for all  this goodness!!  ah, well, i can sleep in august.  or maybe on the plane.  i made this and listed it this a.m. hoping it’ll get in a few treasuries and maybe the etsy front page this week:

perpetual calendar  it’s a little late to arrive for the holiday, but maybe someone especially patriotic will give it a new home.  would you say it’s a little back-to-schoolish (cute teacher gift?), or am i stretching it?  =)


beanie - baby 365 - day 181 

 beanie says i’m stretching it.

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2 Comments on “say something clever about july…”

  1. tracy Says:

    Wow! You know how to keep busy…I have nothing clever to say but I like your blog!

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Haaahahah! I love that look on Beanie’s face. Classic. Kind of reminds me of someone else I know…

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