*looks innocent* i have no idea how that got there, hunny!

does anyone know if glimmer mist stains furniture?  just asking, no reason.  craft 365 - day 246  i’m working on some large clothespins for a custom etsy order.  the buyer is going to use them to hold the table numbers at her wedding reception.  i couldn’t find embellishments to match the papers she chose, so i went ahead and started making my own.  it’s not always easy, and sometimes these things are messier than i plan for them to be!  spraying with glimmer mist  the spaces they leave on my chipboard remind me of the photo-sensitive paper we used in science class in the 6th grade…   i may spray some leaves next (OUTSIDE! not on my bookshelf this time!!) just for old-times sake….

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One Comment on “*looks innocent* i have no idea how that got there, hunny!”

  1. rose Says:

    On the furniture, eh?

    I can’t imagine what IT is is or HOW it got there!


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