almost makes me wanna be unhygenical and what-not.

i love my house, i love having a diningroom, i love my little craftroom… i love my plaster walls, except that they require a drill and some pointy things and a little swearing on my part to get anything hung on them.  but oh.  oh, how i hate my bathrooms.  they’re small, and clearly not much thought went into the main bathroom.  the appliances are blue.  or grey.  it depends on who you ask.  the tiles have baskets of wheat or something on them.  there’s some pink involved.  and then there’s *different* tile on the walls, but only 3/4 of the way up.  and a HORRIBLE medicine cabinet from 1979 that wasn’t even cool back then. 

showers make me angry.  i hate rinsing my hair just to open my eyes again to the horror.  it’s just ew.  big ew. *big sigh*

i’m lucky that this is all i have to complain about, but i think about it at least 2x a day (once when i use it to shower, and when i get ready for bed at night), and again when the girls get a bath.  if i had a nice bathroom, they’d bathe every day.  for now, i just can’t stand it, so they get a reprieve. 

babycakes is glad she doesn’t have to endure hair washing more than a few times a week!


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4 Comments on “almost makes me wanna be unhygenical and what-not.”

  1. o-no Says:

    how adoreable!!!!
    does she like baths any more now that she has been to elmo’s house???

  2. queenvanna Says:

    umm… no. hates them just as much. maybe i should pipe in some elmo voices?!? or spray her with a hose?? it’s not so much the bath as it is the hair washing… she prefers the 2nd day look…

  3. rose Says:


    Well . . . no matter how horrible the rooms are, I can only imagine that *that* sweet-n-adorable babycakes brings joy and beauty into it at bath time!

    (yet–I kinda know what cha mean! I have plaster walls too!)

  4. o-no Says:

    spray her with a hose….. tee-hee…….

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