i must be in a manic phase… – now with prizes!

can’t get out of my own way, too many things in my brain, but i am getting a few things accomplished.  but only a few….  yesterday the box on the bottom of the pile of boxes in my craft room collapsed and dumped e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g onto the floor in front of the door, blocking entry.  that’s always a ton of fun.

p.s – did you hear that i was on TV THIS WEEK?!?!  I DON’T NEED THIS FRUSTRATION!  I’m FAMOUS, DAMMIT!

lucky for me, my shrinky dinks, stamps and inks were in the diningroom.  so i used those instead of trying to wrestle the door open.  look how cute:

butterfly buttons

shrinky dink bird in hand(sorry mandy, don’t be a-skeared.)

and i made these rings.  prizes!!i think they are hysterically cute, i’d love to sell them, but they aren’t terribly sturdy, and they break apart in time.  i wore one to sam’s wedding a couple weeks ago and it was fine for that, but i wore the same one to the post office, and it broke carrying packages…  for non-physical activities, they’re GREAT, but i wouldn’t be comfortable selling them… so i’ll tuck one into each of my next 3 etsy sales as thank yous.  numbers 327, 328 and 329 get prizes!!

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2 Comments on “i must be in a manic phase… – now with prizes!”

  1. Mandy Says:

    I’m not scared of that bird – it’s CUTE!

  2. o-no Says:

    oh she says that from waaaay down here….

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