always be prepared.

that’s the lesson of the week.  scot haney called the store (scot haney!!  connecticut famous guy!! our store!!) at 3:00p tuesday wanting to know if we could send someone down to do a craft segment wednesday at 9:30a.  for “better connecticut”  thankfully, christy said YES!!  and then decided she would not go down alone, and picked me to suffer with her!!!  weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

“better connecticut” is a LIVE show that is the local answer to something like “regis and kelly”… a connecticut magazine show with some local guests, famous people who are travelling through, cooking segments…  the hosts are local news folk – kara is an anchor and scot is a meteorologist (that is REALLY hard to spell!).  and if you didn’t know already, i have had a thing for him (like most of the 70 year old ladies around here) for quite a long while.  it was my new year’s resolution in 2002 to meet him.  *sigh*  i’m such a weather junky. and a nerd.  but i suppose we all knew that.

i didn’t really have much to do with the preparation of the project other than move a few things around on the table, and whisper with christy “omgwe’regonnabefamous!!”  and giggle and groan a lot.


 if scot haney comes a-callin’, you best get it together!!

when we got there we laid out all the stuff and got miced (miked?  microphoned?) and had to sit and wait our turn.  we were on about 45minutes in.  that was a long time to sit and let your palms sweat.  and wonder if someones omewhere was listening to you whisper “there’smarkdixon,getyercamera,getyercamera!!”  it all went very smoothly, it was so much fun and i’d do it again in a heartbeat.  even if it did raise my blood pressure a million points.

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3 Comments on “always be prepared.”

  1. o-no Says:


  2. E Says:

    OMG, you must be in your glory! Now I can say I knew you when!!!

  3. Kristen Says:

    Oh, I am sorry that I missed it! Did you put a gold star on your door yet? 🙂
    My husband did a commercial a couple of years ago, which we never got to see, and everywhere we went people were saying that they knew him from somewhere. They asked if he had been in the movies or on a TV show. One girl came running up to him in a parking lot screaming that she finally met a famous person. LOL Hope you get to have a little fun with the “fame!”

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