so much to do, so much to do…

so many ideas…  i’m still working on the big happenings, and keeping it under wraps is harder than i thought…  especially when people ask HOURLY “whatcha doin’?  it’s gonna be big, right?!?”  teehee.  and i’ve got so many ideas about how i want to design things, and how they’re gonna look, and i don’t wanna blabber, i’m trying to keep a little mysetery surrounding it all – at least for a little while!

while that’s all in progress, i’m thinking about how to branch out with  my perpetual calendars.  i’m thinking about making a few mock-ups with the months in foreign languages.  would that work?  sounds cool, oui? si? tree?

and since my stint with the University has been going as well as they are telling me it is (hard to believe, i think they just don’t wanna hurt my feelings), i’m trying to come up with ideas that might interest other schools…  or maybe approach the other campuses of the same university, since i have the design ready for them. 

in the meantime, beanie is sick, babycakes is recouperating, hunny is leaving for chattanooga on sunday morning.  everyone seems to have other things going on while he’s gone, so it’ll be 100% MIMI-time while he’s away.  ogoodie. 

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One Comment on “so much to do, so much to do…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    You need to make a road trip down here to see how well your stuff is doing…and to brainstorm with us about other possibilities. And no, you cannot do the houndstooth for anyone but us…or we will have to kill you.
    Is Hunny going to have time to stop by the TV station in Chattanooga? I thought he might be guest anchor one night. We could work that out, you know.
    I’m sorry the children are so cootie filled. That’s how it rolls with little ones. (Another good reason for me to stick to dogs.)
    Hope it all gets better soon, though.
    And so what is this thing you are doing? It’s big? Bigger than a bread box?

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