can’t get any worse….

oh wait, it can…  we all have a stomach bug.  it’s gross.  i’ll try to stay away form the gory details, and giiiirls, they are gory.  

from this i have learned a few things.  i think they all revolve mostly around laundry.  back  in the day when i worked in the grouphomes, i’d do laundry for 6 fairly messy adult-type people daily.  that was nothing compared to what i’ve done here in the past 24 hours.

* i will continue to hoard and collect dish towels and washcloths.  for the past year or so i’d toss them out if they were getting ratty and/or didn’t match the current color scheme. but now i’ll stash and hide them on every floor.  i may even buy them from sam’s club in bulk.

* EVERY bed needs more than 1 backup set of sheets.

* a package of pez will dissolve 75% when washed in the pocket of my “mom-uniform”

* i never remember when i have things in my pockets, and i don’t usually check them before i wash.  but in probably my only moment of clarity this weekend, i checked the pocket of my hoodie before i tossed it in the machine.  good thing.  my keys were in there.  if i had washed my car-zappie thing, i would’ve cried.

and how is it that when we all get sick….. babycakes got it first, and was better after about 24 hours.  i got it next, i was sick for about 6 hours before beanie got it, and about an hour later, hunny was felled.  hunny and beanie are still asleep on the couch, yet i have done umpteen loads of laundry, prepared meals for babycakes, and hand washed my entire kitchen floor.  i cannot say that i am well, i’d love to be asleep on the couch too, but alas, there’s stuff to be done.  probably because i’m the mom.

babycakes is awake and squawking, time to carry on!

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One Comment on “can’t get any worse….”

  1. Heddy_e Says:

    Found you from Etsy. You’re doing better than a friend of mine who had to call the carpet cleaners after the last bout of the flu at her place. Hang in there momma!

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