another day…

today i joked with someone that i might have to take the girls out for a while, cuz if we stayed home, i might find myself with my head in the oven.  probably not that funny, but i was tired, cranky, and just starting the day….  it wouldn’t do much good anyway, i have an electric stove.  it’d frizz my hairmore.  just my luck.

instead, i put a corned beef in there to slow roast for dinner, and stepped outside by myself to do a quick “self portrait thursday“.  my neighbors already know that i’m nuts.  the coffee was hot.  say hello to my dimple.  mar-27-062.jpg

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2 Comments on “another day…”

  1. o-no Says:

    hello dimple!!!!

    that sounds like fun… a day out……..and you are right about the hair frizz i the oven…. *smirk*

    *perk* cornbeef!!!!!!!! *looking around* hmmm cheese curls is what i will be having….

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    My dimple says hi to your dimple. 😉

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