clever girl…

beanie and i were discussing the differences between tissues and paper towels.  i told her that paper towels were for cleaning chalk off her chalkboard, and to clean fingerprints off of glass.  and she told me:

“and a tissue is for putting lady bugs and sneezes in.”

pretty much.  she had another one while we were getting in the car after going to the post office today.  she’s had a VERY runny nose for afew days, and the skin under her nose is all chafed.  she said she wanted to go get some munchkins, and i was thinking about it before giving her an answer.  she told me “dunkin donuts will help my sick face.”  she got her munchkins.mar-17-069.jpg

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3 Comments on “clever girl…”

  1. geelizzie Says:

    I saw the adorable picture on flickr-very smart little girl, doughnuts will cure just about anything!

  2. Mandy Jo Says:

    So cute…and intelligent, too! Come to think of it, Munchkins would help my face, too. I think I will get some this week while I am off…but is there a Dunkin’ Donuts here? I don’t know. May have to get Krispy Kreme instead. That’ll work.

  3. Megan Says:

    I also followed the pic from Flickr…she is a smartie! I haven’t had Munchkins in a very long time but I think I might treat myself to some this week.

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