taking the night off

made myself a big bowl of popcorn, put “best week ever” on the tivo, and i ‘m not doing anything else tonight. this has been a tough week.  hunny has been away, beanie has been on the verge of a cold that kicked into high gear today, babycakes has been EVERYWHERE i didn’t want her to be… and it seems that this afternoon i have cleaned up more messes than have ever been made in beanie’s 3 years of life. 

*the runny nose

*the bowl of dora soup someone dropped on the floor

*the dirt spilled in the diningroom when someone tripped on the terrarium-thing full of dirt and seeds

*the cupcakes 2 little girls decided to SHRED while i turned around long enough to grab a napkin

*the hatch of lady bugs swarming my bedroom window.  i would’ve left ’em, but beanie was freaked the eff out about bugs being in her house.

i am exhausted.  i’ve got my feet up, and a couple of magazines i plan to sit here and read, but i  may just study the insides of my eyelids for a while.

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One Comment on “taking the night off”

  1. o-no Says:

    she is a smart beanie!!!

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