things i’d take pics of today….

if i had a working camera:

a square glass vase FULL of buttons, in all  their crafty-goodness

babycakes playing with little plastic icecreams, lining ’em up, stanking ’em together, concentratin’

those plastic icecream scoops color-coordinated on their own plastic plates by beanie 

sap dripping from the maple tree in my front yard

my dumb barn star on my garage that the wind keeps flipping over to the wrong-side-out

the look  on beanie’s face when i unwrapped a brand new game of candyland 

but no…  hunny is on vacation visiting his brudder, and the back up camera is not working at all.  the plan is to pick one up at walmart to use in the meantine – 7 days is a LONG time for me to be without a camera!!! – and if i don’t love it, i’ll return it when hunny comes back with the one i *do* love.

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One Comment on “things i’d take pics of today….”

  1. o-no Says:

    ok….. where are all the pics???? sap…. barn star……..icecream scoops…..

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