craft show wrap up 2007

hello, CT Etsy people! 

alrighty, ready?! here i go!!  things are slightly out of order, but i can’t get to where i can cut and paste and move things around… but i think you’ll get the general gist…  and i use these “…” a lot.  i’m not sorry, that’s just how i am…

 i did the south windsor strawberry festival in june. my first show, bought the tent, the tables, lugged all the stuff, and it POURED RAIN all day. suck. but even if the weather was nice, i think everyone was there for the food, not the crafts. meh. space fee was about $40, i think i made that much back.  nice variety of crafts, but a stinky day for everyone.  and the lady behind me got on my nerves from the get-go.  that is VERY hard to do, i like EVERYONE.  except this lady.  i wanted to knock her out by lunch.

next was the branford festival the sat before father’s day. outside, great weather, excellent crowd, excellent location, very organized… $135 space fee. i made a profit, but a small one. jewelry to my left, Curves to my right.  seems like the other vendors did ok, too, but no one was crazy-busy.

august i did a 3 person show on a friday night in a yoga place in new haven run by an etsy person. had a good time, made my $30 back, but that was about it. one person appeared to do really well – handmade jewelry – beautiful, the other had jewelry as well, did not sell anything.

sept – 1st congregational church of bloomfield – they have indoor and outdoor spaces. VERY well advertised, very organized, but that was the day i decided i can’t compete with the church lady bake sale. i was between a girl that sold “handmade (yeah, right)” silver jewelry, and a woman that did beaded jewelry. the silver lady went home without a sale, the bead lady sold 3 or 4 necklaces. nice weather. best profit of the ones i had done so far. space fee was about $40

unionville (farmington) elementary school – this was part of some sort of town-wide thing, and there were literally HUNDREDS of people that walked by. HUNDREDS!! and kept walking… and walking… SO crowded, but not a great day. again, it wasn’t just me, i was in between 2 jewelry ladies who were stunned that it was so busy, but a crappy day. table fee was about $40. made a small profit.

december – granby high school ROCKED. time to profit ratio, it was the best. thursday night, 3 hours, well into triple digit sales. great advertising, lots of parents coming to support the sports booster club… space was about $30 but there was a lot of pampered chef, stampin’ up, tupperware, silpada, tastefully simple people too….
starbucks was there.

let’s not talk about the one at avon senior center. $30 space fee
or the one at some elementary school in southington.  little/ no turnout. $50 space fee, i must’ve been insane.

aquaturf – the sunday after thanksgiving – KRAY-ZEE. space was around $140, show was 9-5. people paid $3 to come in. it was busy all day, but i can’t say i made a fortune. the girls behind me sold very little, the lady next to me sold christmas decorations and did not stop all day. i saw her after at the southington show, and she did terribly at that one. i felt out of my league that a.m. as people were rolling in these huge dollies of merchandise and these crazy displays, but in the end i looked just as good as they did. *shrug* you just never know.

i did a 1 person show at my house veteran’s day sunday. invited only people i knew – family, friends, neighbors, old friends from college, friends from work. i sent out 40 postcards, and maybe a dozen people came. cleared out my livingroom and set up a couple of displays. i made almost $500 that day. at home. eating chips and dip.  with people i knew.  and liked.

i added up what i made at all the shows (excluding my home one) and subtracted JUST the space fees, and i made about $200. total. for 9 shows. that doesn’t include gas, lunch, the days i was late to work or took the day off, treats for my sister when she came to help me, time away from my girls who are little…

short part of the story – the moral, if you will, is that i will MAYBE do the aquaturf the sunday after thanksgiving, i think it was good to get my name out there.  i’ll DEFINITELY do granby high school and my home show again…. that’s probably it.  time to profits, it just wasn’t worth it to me.  maybe you’ll do differently, and i hope you do!! i do!!  for now, i’ve decided to focus on etsy, and the incidental sales i get from people seeing what i do (hello friday night ladies in the crop room at new england scrapbook company!!)

if you want to take a look at some of my displays, you can go here:

hope this helps, i’m around to answer any questions you might have or provide more details, or just to chat with someone who’s been there!! 

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  1. o-no Says:

    sounds like a plan…………….

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