BUSY! too busy to be here!

but here i am anyway…

working on clothespins for a wholesale order (hi mandy!! i really am working on them!!), lining up frames to do, too.  got a couple special orders, and i’ve gotta make a few new things for the thing-a-day madness.  i linked my posts there to my flickr, and i was SHOCKED at the amount of views i got.  yesterday i had 1337 views over there!!  usually i average about 650.  so. yay!  thing a day!!

today i thought i was smart and linked my thing to my etsy shop.  so far, lots of views… but no sales today.  *ugh*  i trudge on!!

babycakes has not been sleeping well the past couple of nights, and i don’t know what is going on in her crazy little baby head.  she was up for 2 hours again last night.  she was not pleased.  you’d think she’d take a nap today, but she’s up there singing the ABC’s (actually, it’s “D, D, D, D, DEEE, DEEE, DEEEEEE!” to the tune of the ABCs.)  she’s so lucky she’s cute.

and beanie is LOVING being 3.  she plays playdoh, she pretends with her animals and toys, she entertains herself for small stretches…  there’s still the occasional temper tantrum, and the sharing thing is NOT happening yet, but all in all i think 3 is going to be her best year yet!!

so i’m still here, thanks for checking in, and i will hopefully have new news soon!

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One Comment on “BUSY! too busy to be here!”

  1. o-no Says:

    busy hands are happy hands……

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