cuz i just don’t have enough to do!

i signed up for a thing-a-day starting today.  add that to (4) 365s over on flickr, and i have a lot to get done every day… or maybe just lots of time to sit in front of the puter.  i’m gonna use whatever i do for my craft 365, but i need to check the “rules” a little more – cuz i work in pieces… one night i’ll get all my pieces together, the next night i cut paper, the next night i decoupage…  if we’re looking at 1 COMPLETED thing a day, i’m just screwed.  next year i’ll start a week or 2 ahead of time so i have a backlog of things to say i made (cheater, cheater!).

 and i have to drum up a little readership around here, cuz my pif has gone over like…. well, something that goes over very poorly.  =/  c’mon people, doncha want something crafty and fun? and freeeeee?!?!

 and a very special thank you to subu for helping me get up and rolling over here!!  thank you!!!

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2 Comments on “cuz i just don’t have enough to do!”

  1. o-no Says:

    i was thinking… you DO have too much free time… you need something like this….

  2. suburose Says:

    you are welcome!

    [sorry i am just seeing this now.]

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