frickin’ dunkin donuts.  ordered a bacon, egg and cheese on a plain bagel, got a sausage egg and cheese on a buttered raisin bagel.  wtf?  did my cholesterol sound low to them through the drive-thru?

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4 Comments on “*sigh*”

  1. MandyJo Says:

    Have I ever told you about trying to order iced tea at the Krispy Kreme drive-thru? The crazy bat kept yelling back at me, “Ice Cream? No – We don’t have ice cream!”

  2. o-no Says:

    yep… you should have stuck with the donut holes….

  3. Stelly Says:

    Sounds like all those times I ordered a Jr Bacon Burger with NO CHEESE. It was hit and miss every time. Every time I checked, they got it right. Every time I waited till I was home, I opened up a nasty ol’ cheeseburger. UGH.

  4. trouble Says:

    I have vowed to never again leave a drive-thru window without first checking to see if everything is correct and in my bag. And I don’t care if I hold up the drive-thru line for another 30 precious seconds. Maybe if enough people did it then they would be less likely to screw up. Did you know that they keep a record of how log it takes them to fill an order at the drive-thru? And by sitting there I screw up there time? I love causing trouble! Mame, could you please move forward?…..No!

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