success is hard….

i think about my etsy shop just about 24/7. i’ve been selling for just over a year. last year i sold 213 items, and so far this year i’ve sold 13 items. yesterday alone i sold 8 items.  this does not include the dozen or so craft shows and dozens of custom orders from the scrapbook store.

while that is all great, and i’m certainly *not* complaining, i’m wondering about how i am going to be able to maintain this small success. so many of us want to do this full time, and i do do it (she said dodo) in every spare moment i have, but just to replace the number of items i sold yesterday, that’s a whole lot of time that i just don’t have!

so i wonder…. we all (and by “all” i mean “some of us” or, “a lot of us on etsy” ) dream of quitting our jobs and crafting full time, but until then, do we have the time/energy/devotion to do it? i went the whole day taking care of the girls, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc, then sat down to START crafting at 8:30 last night.  and all i have to show for it is a tray of wooden blocks and some piles of paper. 

if you sold 8 items yesterday, could you have enough quality product to sell 8 more today?

i’m gonna try, but i guess i’m trying to face this as realistically as i can…

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One Comment on “success is hard….”

  1. rainysunday Says:

    i’ve been thinking about this a LOT lately and trying to think of a solution. here’s what i’ve come up with: etsy sellers who can make an honest-to-goodness living are selling what? supplies? higher-end “hot” items? purchased mass-produced items they then personalize (simply)? yeah, it’s a bit to think about. and what sort of items could be added to your “brand” without sucking the last 15 minutes of sleep?
    these things i ponder as i wander… 🙂

    p.s. Great blog! (i appreciate you write like i do/think, sort of a stream-of-consciousness “thing”)

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