more etsy stuff….

sold 2 calendars yesterday, i’ve gotta get to  making more….  but like everyone knows, there’s no time….  i *just* finished addressing january birthday coupons for work.  400 of them, and yes we know there’s gotta be a way to export the addresses to print labels, but THERE’S NOT.  so i’ve gota a break for a few more days til i need to start february’s…

i have an offer to do a little craft show that i’ll have to turn down, it’s the weekend of beanie’s birthday, and the scrapbook summit weekend.  too many things going on, and i don’t wanna be so spread out.  a girl only turns 3 once!

i have managed to get a few destash-type items into the shop, some would be great for valentine’s day – red envelopes, metallic rick rack…  and there’s a more creations to come, too!  gotta find some props to make the pictures more interesting, and i hope to get them in there today!

but for now, i’ve used up my shower time to post (thanks for the guilt, you know who you are!) and go! diego, go! is almost over.  today’s supposed to be a nice day, so we’ve gotta get out and enjoy it!

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One Comment on “more etsy stuff….”

  1. justscrappinhappy Says:

    funny…I just got outta the showa…

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