etsy, etsy, etsy…

so i’ve listed a bunch of new stuff in etsyland… some is new stuff i’ve made, some is stuff that rode around from craft show to craft show, and some of it just needed their finishing touches… 

 hunny is off to home depot after work to get more wood for perpetual calendars.  back in october, he had though he had made enough to get me through the winter, but i have done better than either of us could’ve hoped with those.  awesome.  it’s 20 degrees today in the sun when the wind isn’t blowing.  have fun with that saw, hunny!

so come see this:

and this:

and find someone to take these off my hands:

i’ve also been VERY busy over at flickr, taking pictures for all kinds of 365 groups.  you can see all kinds of details of my life over there, down to what each child might be eating at any given moment.  minutae-finutae.

happy new year, come by and see me!

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One Comment on “etsy, etsy, etsy…”

  1. That’s great that you sold enough calendars to make Hunny have to go back to work! Your awesomeness is showing!

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