almost there

i have been so busy for so long, that in this week before christmas, i am not stressed at all.  we’re having one more scaled back christmas in the decorating department, as babycakes is so interested in anything i put on any flat surface, be it food or decoration or neither or both.  cards are sent, packages are on their way.  presents are 80% wrapped, plans are in place with families with minimal arguing and stressing (how did THAT happen???), menus are planned, plans are in place.  there has been little to no baking, but i have found my peace with this, because i don’t trust the oven in this house.  it’s old Old OLD, and the temperature setting is just not to be trusted.  shifty.  wonky.  and i’m on to it.  so no baking.  owell. 

we went driving through our town to see christmas lights last night, and it was so much fun to hear the girls shrieking and beanie calling out what side of the car the lights were on.  i didn’t know if babycakes would get it, but if she didn’t, she put on a great show herself!

i had a last minute flurry of etsy sales that kept me busy, and

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One Comment on “almost there”

  1. o-no Says:

    i thought that oven worked greta on those chocolatechip cookies that are THE best in the world!!!!

    i can understand why you do not feel any stress the last week…. before xmas.. you have been wide open since nov 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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