merry and bright.

santa was not invited to our house last year.  beanie’s first spoken sentence was in november, before thanksgiving.  we were in the grocery store, and she saw a balloon with santa claus on it.  she looked at me and said, “mimi, no seat hoohoo knee”  alrighty.  i assured her that was fine.  she reminded me every day.  sure, sure, little bean, you won’t have to sit on hoohoo’s knee.  any time someone would ask her if santa was coming to her house, she’d emphatically answer NO.  would santa bring her presents?  NO.  so santa did not come.

this november, she told me she wanted a “cramera”  ah, a girl after my own heart.  so, we talked about santa, and how if we went to talk to him, maybe he could bring her a cramera. 

we went to see the mall santa, and it was not a ton of fun.  she was shy, and babycakes’s first sentence might as well have been OHHELLNO.  we did not really enjoy that visit. 

today we had breakfast with santa at flamig farms.  beanie was shy again, til she saw that santa was handing out a small gift to the kids who sat with him.  she jumped right on line.  she didn’t make eye contact, but she did mutter that she wanted a cramera, and said thank you when he gave her a stuffed puppy.  and she doesn’t look too tortured in the pics we took.  babycakes on the other hand, did not change her mind.

after breakfast and visiting with the big guy, we went on a trolley-ride driven by the grinch!!  in the snow and ice storm.  it was 20 degrees.  and windy.  and the trolley couldn’t make it up a hill.  adventure.  we got the good parent awards today, for being brave enough to venture out, or for not letting our children freeze to death.  i’m not sure which.

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2 Comments on “merry and bright.”

  1. o-no Says:

    so babycakes was not impressed with the big guy in red…….

  2. queenvanna Says:

    nope, not one bit.

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