so someone noticed that i haven’t posted since the whole nablopomo thing.  oi.  hi christy!  and i know i was tagged, so i’ll see what i can do…  7 more random things:

1) i almost burned my condo down leaving a tea kettle on the stove.  i was sad that i had wrecked my kettle, and hunny went all over trying to find the same one.  i had that one about a week when i nearly burned the condo down again.  so now i own a sunbeam hotshot, and i haven’t nearly burned any place i’ve lived down since.

2)  i cannot change the channel if the movie Bring it On is on.  i’m not ashamed.  i consider it broughten.

3)  our christmas tree is still undecorated.  it’s been up for 6 days, but it has lights and 4 candy canes on it.  wait, 3 candy canes, hunny let beanie have one while i was at work tonight.  it is wearing its tree skirt, but it has yet to be watered today.

4)  i love the new wrappers on oreos.  i can open a package and no one can tell that i’ve eaten the entire center row.

5)  kenneth is my favorite character on 30 rock.  or really, on any t.v. show.  again, no shame here.

6)  i listen to a.m. radio because i like to hear grownups talk.  except rush limbaugh and sean hannity.  then i’d rather listen to the hamster dance on radio disney.

7) last one!  etsy paid for our summer vacation this year.  (well, my etsy sales paid for summer vacation….)  we went away overnight and to some attractions on the CT shoreline.  next year, i hope etsy will send us to sesame street.  how awesome would that be??  my craftiness would allow me to meet my alter ego, pairie dawn??  and yeah, i’m sure the girls would have a good time, too.

so that’s all.  but all you people who DON’T have blogs, you’re kinda tagged, if ya wanna play.  leave me a random comment to play along!

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5 Comments on “*gah*”

  1. o-no Says:

    *raising my hand* i noticed too

  2. queenvanna Says:

    is that your random fact, o-no?

  3. justscrappinhappy Says:

    r u sayin that me & my big mouth just got me TAGGED?? huh? gimme till next week…

  4. I share your shame…The Mummy is my Bring it On.

  5. Ev Says:

    My shame lies in “A Knight’s Tale”. Blame Heath Ledger…

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