just a thought….

next time, can we do this during a month that isn’t quite so balls-out-busy for me?!?!  huh??  can we???!?!  like march??  march is a boring month, i have nothing going on in march.  i could totally do this once a day in march.  but november is just tooooooo busy!  whine, whine whine!!!  but i think i did it….  though it’s an hour and a half into dec, i haven’t been to bed  😉

i have to be up in 3.5 hours for a show and work; an 18 hour day.  i hope it’ll be as profitable as thursday, but i’ll take whatever i get.  and yori’s coming to help.  it’ll be fun to hang out and chat.  and the pain-in-the-butt lady who poured rainwater down titi’s back won’t be there, she’ll be at a different show, i checked.  i hate running in to people that bother me unexpectedly.  that’s a cramp.

so for now, i’ll spare you my blabbering, and rest for a little while.  night night, nice dreams til next year, nablopomo!

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One Comment on “just a thought….”

  1. Angie Says:

    I couldn’t agree more! November sucks for this thing. Although, I have to disagree about March – for me, that is my INSANE time of year with planting, baby chicks, lambing season, etc., etc., so let me be the whiner now!

    Is there ever a good month? Probably not.

    Oh well, we’ll give ’em hell next year, right?

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