so. huh. yeah. now we know.

i did my 2nd show of 3-in-6-days-madness tonight, and i have found my audience.  it’s church ladies and school teachers.  tonight’s show was at a high school, sponsored by the sports booster club, and my rental fee to sales ratio was the best it’s ever been.  profits were high.  it solidified my decision that the smaller shows are for me.  i’m really not cut out for the big city.  and i’m ok with that for now.

 oh, and.  And!  i said AND!!!

at the end of the night, a bunch of high school lacrosse boys were hanging out and i asked if any of the strong ones wanted to help me.  and i found a few who did, so i only had to make one trip to my car.  awesome.  i may hire the lacrosse boys in my town to come to every show i do.  so worth it.

 and one more AND!!!  tomorrow is day 30 of nablopomo!!  i mighta done it!!  (with minimal cheating!!)  (woot!)

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One Comment on “so. huh. yeah. now we know.”

  1. Hooray for selling stuff!

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