a jawb fer me on teh internets!!



 so i’ve been trying to figure the average # of hours i’ve slept each night in the past week, but that’s a lot of math for someone who hasn’t slept but 3 hours a night for a week.  =)  last night, babycakes got up at 3a.m., and i didn’t go back to bed after she was changed and had a bottle.  i did paperwork.  i am out of my mind.  i may need prefeshinul or kemikul help.

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3 Comments on “a jawb fer me on teh internets!!”

  1. o-no Says:

    ya’ll think i am kidding….. that is just like pig-latin to me… i can NOT understand that shit!

  2. queenvanna Says:

    titi sent me this one yesterday along with a huuuuuge mary poppins reference, and i nearly wet my pants:

    “on mah kumputer … makins me late fur werk …”

  3. Mandy Jo Says:

    WOW! That’s the perfect job for MOI…thanks for the lead!
    And o-no: on’tday orryway…eway illstay ovelay ouyay.

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