because i care

i’d tell you that i forgot all about you, little blog, and went to bed last night, but i wouldn’t want you to feel bad that i wasn’t thinking about you.  but man, i am well rested!!!

 so… what was i answering?!?!  yeah – the sunday craft show.  the aquaturf is a beautiful banquet/ meeting place, i’ve been to maybe 4 dozen weddings there.  maybe not 4 dozen, maybe just 4.  but it’s beautiful.  i’d never seen it done up for the holidays, and it was lovely.  wreaths and lights and big huge ornament balls as far as the eye could see.  they have a pond and fountains at the entrance, and i noticed that they had music playing very quietly outside in the background while we were entering and leaving.  i was waiting for the synchronized swimmers to pop up and do their thing.  alas, there were no swimmers, but there was a guy around the corner from our display selling his CD’s, and he played the violin a few times.

i called titi when i got to the parking lot, because i was a little freaked out.  there were rental vans and trucks with trailors.  i had our little SUV loaded, but i still had room to rest my breakfast on the passenger seat.  was i going to have enough??  what was i thinking?!?  i was so out of my league.  til i got inside, and realized that no, i wasn’t.  more on that later (maybe several hours later!)

there were 200 crafters at this thing.  the area was 2 HUGE reception rooms.   it took me just about as long to find my spot as it did to actually set up. and the size of the spot we had was 6×8′.  TIIIINY.  so tiiiiiiiny.  but, we crammed.  i cannot say that the organization was flawless.  there was some confusion.  there were only 2 people helping to find vendor locations.  there was lots of walking around staring at spots on the floor.  some spots were labeled with first name, some were labeled with last name, some were labeled with business name.  i’m lucky all three of mine aren’t too common! 

i had a good spot, smack in between 2 vendors selling christmas wreaths and decorations, i certainly popped out amongst the greenery!  at 8:30 they announced there was a line of shoppers wrapped around the building waiting to get in.  yay shoppers!  and the shoppers were there all day.  thousands of them.  crowds, even.  so crowded that it was hard to walk.  yay!  crowds!!


it was the same as the others i’ve done this year…. lots of looking, lots of compliments, but not a ton of buying.  and just like the others, it wasn’t just me.  we spent a ton of time hanging around and talking to the other vendors.  and just like the other times, i remade my table spot $$, and made enough profit to treat titi and i to handbags, but *meh*  that’s about it.

so i’ve made a decision.  no more big shows.  no more $100++ registration fees.  if all i’m gonna make is what i put in, i’ll do the $30 church lady shows, cuz it’s a lot less work.  and the vendors aren’t quite as cut-throat and snotty.  they don’t usually rent vans.  i’m gonna work very hard on my online sales in the upcoming year, i’m selling more online than i ever imagined i would without a ton of extra effort.  and i’m gonna stick to the smaller local shows, i don’t think i’m cut out for the big-city.

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