ever just been so annoyed that you wanna rip someone’s head off, and even though you warned the person, they still just talk and talk and talk and talk, and you just want them to s.t.f.u.!??!?!?  omg.  i’m going to bed, i promise i’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.  i’ll tell you about:

the big huge super duper so really big craft show

the millions i did not make

what i should make next time to actually make my millions

why i won’t make those things, because i’d have to buy a time machine and go back to 1985 first

the total number of hours i’ve slept in the past 3 days

the total number of dollars i’ve spent in the past 3 days (no, i’m not gonna tell ya, even *i* might be surprised)

so for now, as beanie would say: night night, nice dreams!!

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3 Comments on “?”

  1. Mandy jo Says:

    ummm. yes. But I usually do go ahead and rip their head off. Must be why I have so many friends…
    Hope sleep helped.

  2. o-no Says:

    i am trying to remember 1985……..

  3. thethinker Says:

    Yes, I’ve been that annoyed! In fact, it happened today.

    I know exactly how you feel.

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