i found the brown paint today.  i wasn’t looking for it, and i wouldn’t’ve looked for it where it was.  imagine that.  i collapsed last night when i went upstairs to put beanie to bed.  i just stayed up there and went to bed at 8:30.  then hunny’s work beeper went off an hour later, then babycakes was up making noise an hour after that….  then i didn’t hear anything til 7a.m., not even my alarm!!

tomorrow is a “kew-ge” show (huge show, beanie’s word) with 200 crafty vendors at this huge place.  titi is coming to help me.  while i’m looking forward to it, i hope i sell lots.  and i hope i don’t run out of stuff to sell.  can i think both those things at the same time without my head exploding?  i’m not sure.

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One Comment on “tedium…”

  1. tracy Says:

    good luck tommorrow, with your envelopes and paper goods, it’s should be easy peasy.
    you’ve been tagged,
    dear queen.

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