happy thanksgiving!

even though i haven’t been to bed yet, i’m gonna call it tomorrow! 

we’ve got a busy day of a little travel and a lot of visiting with family today, and as long as we remember the desserts, the cranberry wine and the folding chairs, i know we will have a wonderful time. 

babycakes had her shots yesterday, and used every one of her 30 or so words to express her displeasure at the nurses…  “no No NO NONONO, MIMI, DADDY, TITI, NONONO, MINE, HOT, PLEASE, ALLDONE, NONONOOOOOO, UPPIES, FEET, SHOOOOOOOES, NONONOOOOO, etc”  so far she’s sleeping ok, but she has a talent of knowing when her insomniac mimi (me) has just settled down long enough to doze off.  that babycakes, she’s got skills!!

i’m excited to show beanie the parade on t.v., and what she will say about it.  every once in a while she lines her little people up to have a parade, just like at the Big E, and they all have a grand time.

so happy bird-day to you and yours, and have some turkey for me (i haven’t had turkey on thanksgiving since i was 12.  i’m not a vegetarian, and i really don’t mind turkey, but i am either rebelling against doing what everyone else is doing, or i’d rather have more room for the other good stuff, i’m not sure which.)

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One Comment on “happy thanksgiving!”

  1. I’m with you on the turkey. Not a fan. But everything else is always delicious… Have a happy day!

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