the next few days is where this all falls apart!  =)

prepping for thanksgiving, babycakes has a check up tomorrow a.m., i’ll work tomorrow night, gotta make desserts, go for thanksgiving, then friday a.m. shopping with titi, 3 craft shows in 7 days, work tossed in there a few times, a dentist appt, and i’m sure a few other things i can’t remember.

it’s all fun stuff (execpt the checkup, i’m sure that will be a nightmare, but i’ll get a coffee while i’m out as my reward!!)  (babycakes??  i’m sure i’ll find her a little treat too, for being a brave girl.)

beanie got to play out in the snow today.  i built her a snowman, and she loved on him til he tipped over.  i *had* to make another… and she loved him til he fell over, too.  by then *i* had had enough, and with much encouragement, we were able to go inside.  but not before she removed the baby carrot from the pile of fallen snow and had a little snack!

we saw santa today, and it went as well as a trip to see santa with a 1 year old and a 2 year old could go.  babycakes cried, beanie was serious and quiet, but told him what she wanted.  no one was too scarred.  i don’t think.

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One Comment on “yeah…”

  1. o-no Says:

    what did the bean say she wanted???

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