ho ho ho – it’s my job

nablopomo: is this thing about over? 

we’re going to pick up christmas portraits at the mall tomorrow, and i mentioned VERRRRRY casually to beanie that we *might* go see santa claus, and she *might* like to sit with him and have her picture taken.  i was shocked that she said that would be fun, and she will tell him a few things.  wow.  this from the girl whose longest sentence ever at this point last year was “i no seat hoohoo’s knee”.

we were making little craft projects tonight, and she was making foam ornaments. i asked her what she was going to do with them, thinking she’d tell me she’d put them in her window or on the refrigerator, but she commented that she wanted to give one to santa, cuz “it’s my job.”  oh, the cuteness.  i bet he’ll bring her everything she asks for.

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One Comment on “ho ho ho – it’s my job”

  1. o-no Says:

    i’ll bet santa brings everything she asks for too!!!

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