what does sunday morning look like?

ah, sunday morning….  i went to bed at 9 last night, and i slept great.  i didn’t hear any of the babies peep, hunny stayed on his own side, and now i’m up before everyone, and i might get a thing or 2 done….

we haven’t had a “normal” sunday around here in a long time, but sundays used to be my favorite morning before it all blurred together.  i love getting up before everyone and having a cup of tea or coffee, reading the newspaper, just having some me-time.  i have to get to the newspaper before anyone else, because if ANYTHING is out of order, it’s just not worth it for me to read it.  i read front to back, flip everything over in the order that it comes in, and when i’m done, it doesn’t even look like it’s been touched.  the only thing that might be out of place is the michael’s and ac moore coupons.  when people tear the guts out, sales papers all over the table, the sports section in another room, realestate upside down….  *sigh* 

i like a little order in my life.  that’s all i’m saying.

when i lived at home, my dad would make a BIG breakfast every sunday.  he’d make whatever we wanted.  if i wanted french toast, and mom wanted an egg and english muffin, and my sister wanted sausage and eggs, he’d make us each our own plate.  we’d eat while listening to CDs that he chose.  and now, i can’t think of any of the artists….  the one with the guy who sings “can’t you see, can’t you see, what that woman, she been doin’ to me”, and the one with the guy who plays the flute in the rock band – aqualung were among the popular choices.  even when i worked at castellon’s bakery on sundays (6a-1p, *ugh* who does that wo a high school kid?!!?)  i’d come home with a loaf of bread, or a box of danish, and daddy’d make me hashbrowns.  sundays have always been fun.  (isn’t anything that includes food fun!?!)

this a.m. i set my alarm to get up before everyone.  i’m taking the girls to ikea and grammie and poppie’s house this afternoon (yes, we’ll probably have a big, late breakfast!)  and hunny is staying here to make more calendar bases for me.  coffee’s brewing, all is quiet.  i’m ready to take on the week.

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One Comment on “what does sunday morning look like?”

  1. Geggie Says:

    Sounds like the perfect day to me.

    I got up first too…I read blogs, posted, cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, read, played with the cats. I love it.

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