probably in the last place i’ll look….

nablopomo… i wrecked it yesterday, and i’m not really making up for it today…

if i wait another few minutes, i can call this one “what does monday a.m. look like?”  heehee.

i’ve lost my brown paint.  i type this because once i put it out in the universe that i’m a dork and put it down somewhere strange, i will totally find it.  i have to paint the bottom of a special order that i wanna ship tomorrow, but dang, Dang, DANG, i can’t find it!!  it’s in a little bottle, maybe an ounce or 2, with a dabber (like a bingo marker) on the top.  have ya seen it?!?!?


several minutes later, and still no paint.  *sigh*

 we made it to ikea today and found all kinds of glorious finds, but lost a sheepie…  we’re down to 1 now, that’s the 4th one that’s been left behind…  that babycakes, she’s gonna be sad when there are no more sheepies…. which in turn will make me sad, cuz she will make me SUFFER, so i guess the moral of the story is that i need to keep better track of my paints and babycake’s sheepies.

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2 Comments on “probably in the last place i’ll look….”

  1. o-no Says:

    if i was brown paint… where would i hide….

  2. queenvanna Says:

    I DON’T KNOW!!!!!! DAMMIT!!!!!

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