it’s still friday to me…

just getting in from work. 

i’m slipping.  too many balls in the air.  on fire….

i screwed up 2 things this week, and i’m having a hard time getting over them.  1) someone bought something from my etsy shop, and duh-silly-me had already sold it.  and 2) i sent something to someone’s paypal address after they asked me not to, and gave me a different address.  it was a $50 order, and i sent it somewhere the person hasn’t lived in years and years.  after my first thought of “gee, you should really change that,”  i settled in to know it was my fault, because they asked me to send it to the right address.  so now i have to resend the merchandise and hope that the person who gets the original box is honest enough to send it back, or that the post office is smart enough to realize that she’s not at that address.  i hope, i hope, but i can’t count on it, and i feel like a dork.  even if i get it back, i’m out the shipping costs and that just stinks.

november is hard.

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2 Comments on “it’s still friday to me…”

  1. Mandy Jo Says:

    I’m sorry 😦
    November is hard…and it’s very easy to make those type mistakes especially when you are tired. Keep going. It will get better.

  2. o-no Says:

    as many balls in the air on fire you have…. you are doing great…… if those are your only slip ups….. don’t be sooooo hard on yourself….. you REALLY do have a lot going on!!!!!!

    have some chocolate and take adeep breath!

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