took me long enough….

day 15?!?!? for realz?  (seriously, i almost forgot tonight!) 

i am a coffee drinker.  i became one just last week.  took 33 years, but i’ve crossed over.  every day for about a week now, i’ve made a small pot of coffee in the late morning, and my new friend has helped me get through the afternoon. 

hello, dunkin donuts cinnamon spice coffee!  have you met my friends “milk and 2 equal?”  hop into my starbucks christmas mug, and we’ll go entertain children in the livingroom, k?  awesome!!

with this new-found love i have also found late nights, as i have been up til midnight every night since meeting my new BFF.  coincidence?  i think NOT!  and with babycakes still getting up at least once during the night/early a.m., i am not feeling it in the a.m…. so i make another pot of coffee, and i’m up til midnight, rinse and repeat!  i guess like any new relationship, i’ll be full-on for a while til the novelty wears off, or i figure out just what it is that irritates me about my new friend…  we shall see, but for now i’ll enjoy in caffeine induced buzz i’ve got going.

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One Comment on “took me long enough….”

  1. I used to have a two pot a day habit, but now I’ve kicked it and am down to two medium french vanilla DD’s with cream and three splendas. Not that I am particular, or anything.

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