home show: the details

so someone (Mandy jo) asked me for some details about how my show went this weekend…

Q:  did you send invites? 

A:   i did!  i sent them about a month ago to everyone in my address book that lived close enough to not have distance as an excuse  =)  i had gotten vistaprint postcards printed a while ago and they worked great.  i printed the invite info on the back with my new handy-dandy lazer printer.  i  also put a little blurb on it telling people to bring a friend and get a gift!!  i sent something like 40 invitiations.  my turnout was small, only a handful of people showed up, but they all spent $40-$50 a piece.

Q:  advertise? how?

A: i only invited people i knew, i’m a little hinky about having strangers wandering through my home, looking at my stuff, knowing i have a cash box and a laptop, and, and, and….   (hi, teh internets!! i have a cashbox and a laptop!)

i worked on some of my items while i was at work (at the scrapbook store), and if any of our customers showed any interest, i’d give them an invite.  i gave extras to my friends and family, and told them to give them to their coworkers….

Q: and it was worth it?

A:  absolutely!  it was my most successful show ever.  it was a LOT of work to make the goodies to sell, but i would’ve been that busy making stuff for my upcoming shows anyway.  i sold some random things i had created through the year and wouldn’t try to sell at a craft show or on etsy.  oh, and my house was clean (spotless) for the first time in a while ….

Q: and you will do it again? 

A: i think so, but not until next year around the holidays.  because it’s only for the people i know, i don’t wanna wear out my audience.  and i’ll need that time to come up with some fresh ideas.  well, i actually have some fresh ideas, but there are only so many hours in the day, and babycakes is awake for all but 3 of them…. 

 i’ve got some other observations and thoughts on the subject, but i’ll wait for someone else to ask  =)  what else ya wanna know?!?!

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3 Comments on “home show: the details”

  1. Gwen Says:

    I am going to have a home show in a couple weeks. I’m so encouraged to hear yours went so well! Congrats!

  2. LazyTcrochet Says:

    This is great to know. Thanks!
    I was considering doing a home show, but I don’t know if I have enough people to invite. I will consider it for next year.

  3. Mandy Jo Says:

    Thanks for the details! Will you come to mine next year?

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