not for the weak-stomached, for realz.

nablopomo, the saga continues… 

there are just a few rules i have in my life.  they are (in random order):

#1 – no bleeding

#2 – no barfing

working in a group home for years and years, you’d think that those rules would be broken constantly.  flu bugs sweep through a place like that in record time, and people are getting hurt constantly.  but i’d tell the clients my rules, and no matter how disabled they were, they’d follow them.  once, a man came out of his bedroom and said he had thrown up on his floor.  i “rock-paper-scissored” my way out of having to clean that one.  my co-workers couldn’t understand how clients could wait for me to leave before they’d get sick.  fevers? no problem! poop? all day long with no complaints!  shots at the dr?  i’ll hold ’em down!  heimlich?  well, if i hafta.  but really, no barfing.  i mean it.  flu only on my days off, injuries only after my shift, please.  i’d meet them at the hospital with a busted head, but usually just in time for the last suture to be put in place, and long after the pools of blood were mopped up.  i was so lucky.

i have been so lucky with the girls, too.  babycakes went through a barfing thing at the beginning of the summer, but she did it when daddy was in charge.  the 1 time that i can recall beanie being sick was while i was in the hospital having babycakes, and titi had to deal with that one.  so lucky….

til today.  beanie was sick in the car.  after breakfast.  it was a huge mess.  she was surprised, i was surprised, and we were both crying a little.  it was a sad, sad morning.  she must be feeling better, she asked for an ecclectic lunch of icecream and baby food sweet potatoes, but she’s sick enough that she went for a nap early with no complaint.  what a good little girl, even if she doesn’t follow all the rules.

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4 Comments on “not for the weak-stomached, for realz.”

  1. Mandy jo Says:

    YIKES! I hope this didn’t happen while you were out looking for a post office with a box for mailing my calendar. I would feel really guilty … and I hope she didn’t get vomit on my stuff! Tell me she didn’t get vomit on my stuff.
    😉 God love her.

  2. queenvanna Says:

    i wasn’t gonna mention it, but we were on our way HOME from the post office, after searching far and wide for a box.

    and you need to know, i insured it, and you’ll know why when you see how it’s packaged!! the post office lady said don’t worry, and she “boxed” it up for me. half a roll of priority mail tape later, it’s on its way!!

  3. Angie Says:

    Completely agree! I can do anything but handle puke – the minute I even HEAR that someone puked, I start gagging……ugh.

    Sorry it had to happen to you and especially in the car – yuck!

  4. queenvanna Says:

    she was such a good girl, she didn’t freak at all.

    those carseats have a remarkable number of nooks and crannies that you just don’t think about til yer scrubbing used scrambled eggs and milk out of them!

    we may be in the market for a new carseat.

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